Hi there! 

My name's Megan and I'm oh so glad you're here!

I am a photographer hailing from Abilene, TX and currently residing in Nashville, TN. I am a proud mom to Bingley, the cuddliest, craziest pup in all the land. You can count on me to always say yes to road trips, have a playlist for just about every occasion, and to always get emotional during golden hour. 

I believe everyone's got some gold in them if you look long and hard enough. It's the reason I love photography. Capturing the goodness of life and glances of gold in people. And oh I would just be delighted to get to capture the current gold in your life!

So shoot me an email // meganeship@gmail.com // and let's start chatting, I'd love to get to know you.
I hope you leave here with a smile in your heart and thankfulness on your lips!