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Would you believe me if I told you it stormed the whole 2 hour drive out to this session? Believe it. I was scrambling for back up plans and these two were already graciously considering switching to a sunrise shoot the next morning. Ten miles out from the canyon the clouds parted, the good Lord smiled down upon us, and this, this my friends was the result. Enjoy ya'll. 

Can't wait for Jordan + Bryce's wedding this summer!


COUPLES, ENGAGEDMegan ShipleyComment

Rescheduling twice due to inclement weather. Dozens, I mean possibly hundreds, of mosquitos. Getting our car stuck on the back 40 of a ranch. These seem like disastrous elements, right? Wrong. Because the aforementioned produced lots of thanking Jesus, loads of laughter, and these little treasures featured below. Never a dull moment people (: 

I can't wait for this couple's wedding come December!  



I am such a fan of these two. I won't go into detail here, but let's just say basically nothing about this shoot went according to the original plan. Codi + Kaden took the evening in stride like champs. Kaden even found our final location (that lovely limestone!) himself. Sessions like this make me so thankful for the clients I have. I'm so excited for you guys to begin your new life together just a little less than a month from now! I know the day will be full of loved ones, laughter, maybe a few tears, and so much celebrating! 

Donning a dress and cutoffs respectively, Codi and I took our shoes off and waded across this little creek. Cold, but easy peasy. Kaden however took a more adventurous way back. Yall, a brief moment occurred where I thought our groom-to-be might end up soaked in his nicest duds but bravery + athleticism prevailed. That look of sweet relief post landing in that last image is priceless.