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I love this couple. Almost exactly a year ago I was taking their graduation photos (C + E) and now they've got less than 3 months left till they become Mr. and Mrs. Lackey. Cassidy + Eddie can't wait to help capture yall's big day come June! 


PORTRAITS, COUPLESMegan ShipleyComment

Lord knows I'm always looking for an excuse to take a trip down to Waco, and photographing these two was the perfect excuse. Anna and I have known each other since our freshman year in college and it makes my heart so happy to watch her love and be loved by a quality guy like Gabe. Thanks again Anna + Gabe for spending the afternoon with me braving the wind and the rainclouds. I'd say it was worth it! 


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Ok you guys, 7 am never looked so good or felt so refreshing. Meet Jacob and Holly. These two are coming up on one year of marriage and have some very exciting adventures ahead of them! They're planning a move to Utah to join a church plant team within this next year or so, but meanwhile in the nearer future... they're moving to Orlando for the summer! Such adventurers these two, man am I a fan! Holly and Jacob make you feel like one of their closest friends within minutes of meeting them. Jacob kept us laughing and Holly is maybe one of the most selfless and encouraging ladies I've ever worked with. We started this anniversary shoot at their home then drove to a magical farm, complete with a treehouse, wildflowers, and all kinds of creatures eager to jump in for a photo or two. And we ended the morning with good conversation over gluten free pancakes at Cafe Cappucino. Sessions like these remind me of how thankful I am for this job! This is a long one y'all, but I refuse to apologize because these are all too good not to share!