Megan ShipleyComment

Now that November is basically over, I thought it'd be fitting to post an october month-in-review. Ever the procrastinator yall (: 

October highlights included:

  • A very refreshing trip to Wichita, KS to visit one of my very best friends. Her friends so graciously made me feel part of their group all weekend. Wichita- you've got something good going on. Also, you strangely feel a bit like home?
  •  A one day staycation in which I planned the morning's activities and V planned the afternoon's--oh the intrigue
  • MoonRiver Music Festival- the chillest festival you'll probably ever attend. the lineup was prime yall
  •  my first Ryman experience, compliments of the Head and the Heart. I bought us tickets after reading Looking For Lovely this summer and man yall, it was just as holy as everyone says it is
  • Bingley turned 5 and we had our annual P&P viewing + puppy chow party. Plus V made a cake that fit within Bings' GF dietary restrictions #roommateoftheyear 
  • V and I really felt our age at a Chainsmokers concert on Halloween. Major regrets on not going in costume yall. That last picture is what I wore and lets just say... I went Madewell when I definitely should have gone UO or maybe even, dare I say it... Spencers? 

Additionally, I'd probably be embarrassed to know the number of times this song played in the month of October. Suffice it to say there was a point where it was on repeat for the entirety of my 30 minute commute to work each morning. It became an anthem of sorts I suppose.