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This month was rich.

We wrapped up LOTG w/ Band of Horses, Judah + the Lion, and Ben Harper + started a new tradition of always bringing a deck of cards to concerts with lawn seating. However, we do need to expand our game repertoire-- one can only play so much speed and trash. The day after Labor Day we drove East to Cummins Falls. You can read more about that adventure here! We finally got to meet up with our sweet friend Haley's sister, Sarah and experienced a quintessential 12 South morning with brunch at the Flipside, donuts at 5 Daughters Bakery, and free flowers from Amelia's flower truck.

I'm continuing to try and walk Bings several times a week and have discovered the gem that is Cornelia Fort Park. Shoutout to my girl Liz. Speaking of discoveries... Mondays force me to channel my inner introvert as V doesn't get home til 9 or so. So far these evenings have resulted in me discovering a new affinity for podcasts (specifically this one and most recently this one) and also that I'm not to be trusted with too much time alone--I spontaneously bought us weekday tickets to go see The Lumineers + BORNS. #noregrets #memoriesnotmoney #amiright The show did NOT disappoint y'all. And there's minimal documentation because two songs in, Wesley requested, "Can we all just agree to put away our phones and be present tonight?" Yes we can Wesley, yes we can. The next night we headed back to Ascend Amphitheater for Needtobreathe's Tour De Compadres ft. Rayland Baxter, John Mark McMillan, and Matt Kearney. It was a goooooood month for music people. Though I do have a sneaking suspicion that's true of all months here in Nashville. (Sidenote: #uberdriversofnashville is still going strong and I've officially become an Uber VIP. Mostly that just means I spend a somewhat significant amount of money on Uber, but hey the stories + people are priceless yall).

September also brought a few unexpected and delightful visitors. A few friends from highschool/college came to town and what initially started out as just coffee/breakfast at Frothy Monkey turned into the most refreshing day---spent the afternoon perusing shops in Franklin and the evening enjoying wine + cheese + the sunset at Arrington Vineyards. One week later, I got to share burgers + beer with a previous acquaintance now turned friend at The Pharmacy. And then I did some visiting of my own and on the final day of September caught a flight to good ole Wichita to see one of my dearest friends! More on that next month (: