Megan ShipleyComment

Perks of that public school working life= Monday + Tuesday off for Labor Day weekend. Thank you Jesus.

This place was a zoo on Monday yall. We held off til Tuesday and I think we saw a total of 15 maybe 20 people. Glory glory hallelujah. I'm going to highly recommend making this drive + hike on a weekday if you can! I'm far from a pro when it comes to these things so here are my "not-so-pro" tips: 1) wear water shoes/old tennis shoes-- you're going to get wet. I'm a big fan of these guys. Cheaper than chacos for those of you living that budget life.  2) pick up some noms to enjoy once you get to the falls.  Towers Deli Market was on our way out of town and it did not disappoint. 3) Talk to strangers. They'll either offer to take your picture, saving you from self timer shenanigans or they might offer you a cold beverage. Both are a win in my book. 4) Take the time to make a playlist for the beautiful, short (1.25 hr) drive east. Here's mine if you're interested. Happy Sunday friends!