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Ladies and gentlemen, Mother's Day is just around the corner and lucky for you Magnolia Homes has an online store! I spent this past Wednesday morning photographing products hand picked by JoAnna and as per usual I left with a delighted and thankful heart. I mean just look at the place--clean, crisp white, earthy wood, and those colors! If emotions had their own color palettes this one would be a shoe-in for cheerfulness. Wacoans brace yourself because Magnolia Market will open for business here in the very near future and you'll be able to go get yourself a cheerfulness pick me up anytime!  My favorite products include the hanging tin frame and jars and the cream goat shirt (I may or may not be wearing it as I type!). And if you're shopping for your well-deserving momma, might I suggest an adorably quirky tea towel and/or JoAnna's signature candle.  Be sure and check out their online store and pick up something cheery for your momma, she's worth it!