PORTRAITS, COUPLESMegan Shipley1 Comment

Ali was one of the first people I met at Tech and I am oh so glad we tentatively exchanged hello's and awkward small talk at orientation. She was the "oh thank goodness! a familiar face" when I walked into the room on our first day of class and I rushed to snag the seat next to hers. Two years later, I'm so glad I did! So many fun memories with this girl. Her and Spencer quickly became known as "Mom" and "Dad" amongst our group of friends and with good reason. Thanks mom and dad for saving me a seat every Sunday because my version of on time turns out to be everyone else's version of late. Thanks mom and dad for teaching me to whisk. Thanks mom and dad for bringing an extra tent, sleeping bags, and food when the rest of us showed up essentially empty handed. Thanks for loving + looking after Bings! (Ok ok, Ali thanks for "tolerating" Bings). Lastly, thanks for showing us around your home state. Which brings us to this post... An anniversary session in the mountains of Cloudcroft + at White Sands National Monument = this girls DREAM. The following are some of my favorite images I've ever taken. Love you two!