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Heyo long time no blog! Life is crazy y'all. But I have so much gold just sitting on my external hard drive and its time to introduce it to the world wide web! 

So here's the beginning of many a throwback post over the next few weeks. Starting with this couple feels appropriate because a) today is this beautiful lady's birthday and b) these two are some of my most favorite human beings in the world. This shoot was a surprise for Lauren by her ever-so-thoughtful husband, Nate. Sneaky man flew me and one of our other best friends, Tori, to Wichita to spend the weekend with Lauren. Simply because she missed us and he thought she deserved a fun surprise. Jeez #husbandgoals. Am I right yall? 

Nate picked me up from the airport and we headed to the Great Plains Nature Center. Lauren had been told to meet Nate there after school because he had scheduled someone to take their Christmas Card photos and SURPRISE, that someone was me! Commence giddiness, hugs, and minimal tears. 

Also, s/o to the real star of many of these images-- Guppy the puppy y'all. Sweet thang was a hoot throughout the session